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This game is a Live Video Escape Room and is played in real-time and completely Online. You and your Team will be the hands and brain of our Game Master and face the type of challenges that characterize the Puzzle Room games, but this time in the comfort of your home, via Zoom, using your computer or mobile phone. For 60 minutes, you will be the heroes of this story. The Game Master is in the room, but you will be the one giving instructions on what to do during this whole experience.

Virgílio Marçal was a Portuguese smuggler aspiring to be a navigator, or a navigator condemned to be a smuggler. He never traveled without two things: his gray hat and the dream of finding a treasure.

Lorenzo Lopez, a lonely and unlikable Spaniard passing goods to smugglers, had a particular affinity for Virgílio. On one of those business mornings on the border, Virgílio didn’t find Lorenzo. In his place was a letter with Virgílio’s name and an address written on a small paper. It read: “Rua do Passadiço, 142, Lisboa”. On the inside of the envelope, written in pencil, was a date and hour, followed by a note that had clearly been written in a hurry, saying: – “I need you and your partners to find the map in an hour. I'm counting on you, my dear friend.” But what was this map Lorenzo wanted Virgílio to find? And where was Lorenzo?

Distressed and intrigued by the disappearance of his friend, not knowing what he would find, our navigator/smuggler headed for Lisbon.

“I have one hour …”