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Is your birthday coming up or must your child's birthday celebration be truly memorable? Puzzle Room has the ideal solution for you...

We have two games designed with the youngest in mind - The Heist (Kids Edition) and The Lost Island (Kids Edition) - with a maximum capacity of 10 children per game, with the birthday girl/boy counting towards the total number of participants.

Both games are escape games in the traditional sense with a duration of 60 minutes, with the challenges adapted to children from 9 to 14 years old.

We also have a room available where you can have a snack after the game and sing Happy Birthday.

Just go here to find out about our prices, and availability and make your reservation.

Does your group have more than 10 participants? Then what you need is a Puzzle Room Fun Pack.

Our Puzzle Room Fun Packs are special packages for large groups of children from 9 to 14 years old (up to 20 children simultaneously) and for groups of adults. In these packages, everyone can play at the same time.

Do you want to know more information about the Puzzle Room Fun Packs? Send us a message and don't forget to say how many children/people you think will participate and there ages.