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Birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Women’s Day, Wedding Birthday / Dating, farewell to the old job, returning from a humanitarian mission, among many others …

What is the main problem that we have when we want to offer a gift to someone? Originality …

The Puzzle Room challenges you to offer a wonderful gift, different and unique in the next commemorative date, either for a person, couple or group of friends who got something worth celebrating.

Give a mysterious experience, different, challenging and fun.

Give 1 hour of magic, friendship and lots of good mood.

Give a Puzzle Room voucher, and let them come to try their luck in this Escape Game full of puzzles, riddles and enigmas.

Fun is guaranteed, and you will be always remembered as the person who gave unique gifts, able to create bonds of friendship even stronger.


65 euros up to 5 elements

75 euros up to 7 elements

100 euros up to 10 elements (The Heist - Kids Edition)

Voucher Request

Just fill out the fields with the necessary information and wait for more information in your email. Then, surprise someone.
So? What are you waiting for? 

* You can use your voucher in any date and time available, but only after validation. You cannot use the voucher in the same date of purchase.

** Do not forget to check the SPAM folder of your email, if you don’t receive the payment information email within a few hours.