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Lost Island (Kids Edition)

  2-10   60 min   Medium   Children   Book Now

Finally, Virgílio Marçal has a clue about the whereabouts of his friend Lorenzo Lopes.
Beyond the path described on the map, Lorenzo wrote an enigmatic message:

"Legend has it that many centuries ago a treasure was stolen from the Spaniards, but all who touched its gold had a terrible fate. To avoid further misfortune, the treasure was hidden in a Lost Island in the Atlantic never to be found again.
If you see this message, it's because you found my map. I don't believe in legends and so I will discover the treasure, whatever the cost ... "

So that's why Lorenzo disappeared, Virgilio thought.
"No time to waste ... My friend needs me more than ever!"

Without thinking what lies behind, Virgílio buys a plane ticket that will take you as close as possible to this Lost Island and from there you will have to go by boat, in a sea full of dangers ... If all goes as you think, in less 24 hours will get you there ...

How will this adventure end?

You have 60 minutes to find out ...

Note: This game is designed for children aged 9 to 14 and the group needs to be accompanied by one or two adults


up to 3 children 
4 to 7 children 
8 to 10 children 




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